Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child enables the child to have every basic necessity, including three meals a day, clothing, shelter, basic physical requirements, medical care, an education, and spiritual mentorship in Christ.


On sponsoring a child, one can communicate with him/her to encourage and inspire to dream for their future. The sponsor will receive communication from the child at least twice a year along with the a picture of the child. A child can be sponsored by giving 28 Euros/month which will provide for his/her daily needs and also give him/her the opportunity to remain in the care and safety of the children home and build their lives based on the values in the Bible.

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Most gypsy children that are orphans, deprived, poor, in trouble and from illiterate families come to the children homes. Children, on experiencing the care and love of Jesus, at the children home become channels to reach their families with the same respect, care, values and love. If you would like to sponsor a child, choose a child or find out more, please write to us.