Frequently Asked Questions

The children are of “gypsy” origin, they are the “gypsies” of India. They are part of the caste of the untouchables and live in conditions of extreme poverty. Often, they cannot go to school, do not have enough to eat.

No, most of them are not. They still have their parents and go home during the school holidays. Some have lost their father or mother, sometimes both, but this remains marginal.

It varies depending on the children. The goal is of course that they stay there as long as possible to allow them to go to school, to study. But sometimes parents come to look for them, they need them at home.

Housing (many children’s homes are rented), food (three large meals a day), school fees, doctor, hairdresser/barber, school stationeries, etc. including needs of administration.

Yes, certainly. First at registration, you will receive a picture of the child you are sponsoring. Then once a year, you will receive a mail.

A manager goes into the houses once a year and writes a letter in French or English on the board and the children copy it.

Yes and it is desirable. We encourage you to write in English if you are able to. Otherwise write in French. Do not forget to put one or more pictures, the children love it! Now, do not be surprised if it takes a long time for you to receive your reply. The mail goes first through the central office for translation into the local language, then the mail is sent out. It often takes a long time before the child is in possession of your mail.

Yes, absolutely! You may write to your child to this email address “” Please be sure to specify the child’s name and identification letter and number. You may also send a picture attached. Your  sponsor child would love to receive them.

Yes it is possible, but do not forget that money does not have the same value in India as it does everywhere. A family of 4 can live with 50 € / month there! In addition, children still live in community, imagine a child who receives gifts and 30 others around who do not receive! It is therefore recommended to be wise in what you send for the children and to think if it is possible also to do something collective.

Of course we want everyone to help as long as possible, but we fully if  a financial situation may change and that it is no longer possible for someone to continue sponsoring. So there is no limit in time, everyone can stop when he wants. Please send us a letter to let us know that you cannot continue to sponsor the child and we will seek another sponsors to take over.

This is completely normal ! As the children are not all orphans, if the financial situation changes in the family, the parents sometimes come to take back their child! In addition, children grow up and at a certain age go home or continue their studies elsewhere.

The best thing for those who can do this is to allow the child to go as far as possible in their studies, it is a guarantee for their future! We have young people who go to university are still sponsored.

I think my child is older in the picture than his age!

Pay attention! In India, it is possible to find boys at 13 years of age with a mustache! So do not be surprised!

They have everything they need. Boys and girls make three meals a day with mostly, rice with meat accompanied by different sauces. They have a schedule in their food schedule so that they get to eat different pulses and grains. They also eat fruit depending on the season. All homes are now equipped with a filter that purifies the water, which is a blessing for the health of children.

To reach Gypsies for the development of their physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing bearing witness for the name of Jesus Christ, guided by His instructions and commandments contained in the Holy Bible, through expressions of love and concern to humanity.

We take in the poor and needy gypsy children, to provide for their development and wellbeing in every aspect, to better their lives and of their families by investing in and molding them through the love of Jesus Christ to be a responsible people in their community and in the world.

Yes, each child has only one sponsor. This makes the communication very personal and valuable between the sponsor and the child.

The child is raised, first of all , in a safe and familial atmosphere. With a family/ experienced couple that takes care of them with love and good attention, they receive all that they need for everyday life which is not always the case if they were out in their poor villages. They child also receives medical attention, an education that helps them to pursue their dreams and in their capacity and potential. In addition to all this they are instilled with the values based on the bible and the good and saving news of the gospel. They are raised to be responsible in their community.

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